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Open Adoption?

What is Open Adoption?

Kevin Hofmann is a 55 year old transracial adult adoptee wearing a black shirt

Adoptees Want To Know Their Stories

Kevin Hofmann (pictured) is an adoptee who grew up when open adoption was not an option. He didn't have access to his medical information.  He didn't know anything about his birth family.  And he wishes his family would have had more support from the adoption agency that facilitated his adoption. 

Today, open adoption can take on many different forms—pictures and letters, exchanging information, face to face meetings, or receiving updates through the agency.  Biological parents (birth parents) and adoptive parents can work together with the support of SOFA to decide what level of contact works for everyone. 

Spirit of Faith Adoptions' mission is to offer support of families always, by providing adoption education and support before, during and after adoption. 

Many adoptees like Kevin want to know their stories. Openness in adoption provides information for adoptees and their families. Understanding the lifelong journey from the adoptee's point of view is important to everyone involved with SOFA.

Kevin Hofmann's Testimony

Adoption Training For Parents

Adoptive Mom and Adoptive Dad laughing with their adopted children who are sitting together on a sofa in a park in Bowling Green, Ohio

"We feel so much love for our children's birth families, and pray for them often!  They will forever hold a place in our hearts and be a part of our family." ~adoptive parents 

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