Step 5 - Matching and Coordination

Your completed profile will be shown to birth parents whose background matches your child characteristics checklist.  All profiles that match the birth parents social and medical history will be shown, and the birth parents will choose the family that they wish to meet.  After the meeting, staff will coordinate with both the adoptive couple and the birth parents to determine if everyone is interested in moving forward with the match.

Once you have been matched, please keep your cell phone available as much as possible.  Our staff will provide you with updates at lease monthly via email, text message or phone call.  Updates will be more frequent if something new occurs, and will likely take place following medical appointments.  You will be notified if the birth parent requests living assistance and/or when additional contact is requested.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not give any gifts to a birth parent.  If you have questions, contact Jennifer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ohio law enables up to (and no more than) $3,000 in gifts/living expenses to be available to birth parents who are planning to place a child for adoption.  Click here to watch a video created by Phill regarding how funds are handled and when they are refunded.  Please consult with Phill or Jennifer if you have any questions about this process.

What's Next?

Once you have been matched with birth parents, you will need to pay the Adoption Coordination fee.  Once your fee is received, your online profile will be marked as Matched.  In addition, you will need to send in a check for the birth parent living expenses.

What is this process like for the birth parents?

All birth parents who are planning for adoption are required to undergo a birth parent assessment which is conducted by a licensed adoption assessor.  This is an impartial person who provides birth parents with information about their rights in Ohio.  In addition to receiving information about there rights, they will also complete forms acknowledging that they understand the laws and have received materials related to adoption.  Finally, they will complete a social and medical history that provides background information to the adoptive couple.

The assessment must take place face to face, and has to occur at least 72 hours prior to signing the adoption consent.  In the event that a baby is born and the assessment has not taken place, the adoption consent can not occur until 72 hours after the assessment is completed.

Click here to watch a video created by Phill about birth father rights.

Click here to watch an interview between Stacy and Jennifer Mae.  This video is used in pregnancy center trainings to help pro-life advocates understand how to talk with pregnant women about the option of adoption.  Jenn's decision to give her parental rights to her daughter's adoptive parents is one she feels very proud of.

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