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Sarah's Story of Hope

I Chose Adoption for My Son

Early on in my pregnancy, I experienced abuse. I didn’t feel love and support from my family either.  I felt alone and forgotten, and I was going through a divorce, all at the same time.


I Am A Single Mom

I am a single parent with one child already, so I really wrestled with parenting and adoption. I wanted my son to have everything he needed, and I needed to know he was going to be safe and loved.   


I Chose Open Adoption

I placed my son with his adoptive parents through SOFA, when he was born, a little over 2 years ago. We have an open adoption. My son’s adoptive mom has a huge heart, she’s caring, she’s motherly, and she takes the time to update me. Placing him was really hard, but it was the “best hard.”  Adoption is truly a miracle.




What Is Helping Me Through My Adoption Journey

What has helped me more than anything is knowing I am cared about. I know my son’s parents love me and my daughter.  They reach out, even if I haven’t been in touch for a while. My son’s mom even sent me a link to the Fireweed Retreat for Birth Moms last year and encouraged me to go. The agency had invited me as well, but when my son’s mom reached out, that really motivated me to go! 

2021 Fireweed Birth Mom Retreat at Beulah Beach in Vermilion, Ohio
This journal covers says Strength and Dignity

I Really Needed This!

When the Fireweed Retreat began, Jennifer Mae handed each of us a journal.  She explained that it was mine to keep, and there was a special note in the back of each journal for us from adoptive moms. 

"You Are Brave and Strong!"

I read it. Then I left the room in tears. It overwhelmed me to know that an adoptive mom who doesn’t even know me wrote that from her heart. She expressed her love and respect for me. I posted her note on my fridge so that every day, I will always know I am not alone and there are people who care.  


I Loved The Fireweed Retreat for Birth Moms!

The weekend was relaxing and beautiful, and I got to come together with other moms who have placed a child.


I Never Felt Pushed To Tell My Story

There was no judgment. I felt so much love. From the flowers and little sayings on the tables, to the little house I got to stay in, the s’mores packaged so nicely, the crafts, the inspirational speaker, and the games, it was obvious that someone went out of their way for birth moms.


I Felt Like I Was In Heaven!

Time spent relaxing in the hammock was the best. And I loved that Barb, an adoptive mom was there with us the whole weekend! I felt so special and I keep in touch with her too! 


I Felt Connected

I really connected with other birth moms during the weekend, especially when Jennifer divided us into 2 teams and sent us on a timed photo scavenger hunt. Here I was running around Beulah Beach, laughing hysterically, with other women I was just getting to know who “get me.” I felt like I could just be me: accepted, welcomed and connected.


I'm Coming Back!

I am still in touch with moms from that weekend, and I already requested September 23-25, 2022 off from work so I can attend the 3rd Annual Fireweed Retreat!     

Jennifer Mae, Stacy and Birth Mom at Fireweed Christ-Centered Retreat for Birth Moms in Vermilion, Ohio
The beautiful sign on this table of flowers reads,
Fireweed Birth Mom Retreat Attendee Relaxing In a Hammock by Lake Erie

Please Invite Your Child's Birth Mom to Fireweed 2022!

To all of the adoptive parents who might be reading this, please encourage your child’s birth mom to come to Fireweed on September 23-25, 2022.  Registration opens 4/1/22! She will not regret it! There are a lot of great women that she will form lifetime bonds with. There is something about the Fireweed Retreat that is extra special, and she will really appreciate the invitation from you.   

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