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MeetRuss and Beth

Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you for considering adoption for your child. You are truly courageous, selfless, and generous for considering such a gift for your child. The strength and love that enables you to put your child’s needs ahead of your own inspires us. We have total respect for you. We can’t know exactly how you are feeling but would be honored to share this journey with you and to offer your child a loving, nurturing, and caring home.

Adoptive Parent at Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Meet My Wife, Beth

My wife Beth is the most remarkable woman I have ever known.

When I met Beth, I was immediately attracted to her smile, and it soon became clear that she was definitely someone I wanted to get to know much better.

While dating, I saw just how big of a heart Beth has and how thoughtful of a person she is. She truly puts everyone else before herself, and her giving nature makes others feel as though they are one of the most special people in world.

Her faith and strong convictions have made her one of my greatest role models.

These characteristics led me to marry Beth and have enabled her to be a terrific mother. Over time, I have seen her caring nature grow and am amazed at the mother she is. She has made our sons’ happiness and growth her number one priority. She is always there for them in the way they need her, either gentle or firm.

Perhaps the greatest testament to her is that they are becoming just as caring and giving as she is. Beth is a wonderful wife, mother, and friend and will be a great mother to our future children.

Meet My Husband, Russ

Russ was introduced to me as a "regular guy" who was a lot of fun and serious about his faith.

While this was enticing, his genuine acceptance, respect, and compassion for me and everyone he met was what ultimately swept me off my feet. His willingness to give everyone, from the waitress at the restaurant to the guy on the highway, the benefit of the doubt and to go out of his way to be helpful and kind is very attractive to me.

I am also blown away by his commitment to orchestrate family activities like road trips to visit his cousins and coaching. He is a man who truly knows how to love others and keep his promises, and he lives out this mission of service daily.

In his role as a father, I have admired his courage and open-mindedness, his ability to model character and virtue, his patience, and his sense of humor.

Indeed, through marriage and parenthood, it has been an overwhelming joy to be partnered with him.

Adoptive Dad at Spirit of Faith Adoptions
Adoptive Mom at Spirit of Faith Adoptions
Adoptive Family at Spirit of Faith

Together, we love to:

As a family, we look for truth, beauty, and goodness in every aspect of our lives: travel, spirituality, learning, and even daily tasks.

We love to travel, seeking beauty in national parks, beaches, cities, music, and art.

Together, we have enjoyed breathtaking views on hikes and had deep talks while taking in awesome sunsets.

We experience goodness when attending reunions where we connect with family young and old or waking up early to surprise our sons with a special holiday breakfast.

As lifelong learners, we find we find truth in church activities that deepen our faith and reading together.

In Conclusion

Thank you so very much for considering us as a prospective forever family for your child. Family and close personal relationships are central to our lives, and we trust that God has already selected the perfect child and family for us.

We are praying for you as you navigate this journey that you experience peace, wisdom, acceptance, and the knowledge that you are loved.

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