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David and Jenna Adoptive Family

MeetJeremy and Marla

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us introduce our family to you. On this adoption journey, writing these profiles have thus far felt the most personal because it has brought our focus toward you and the realization of how our lives may become intertwined.

Our hearts are eager to love another child and we are open to sharing their life with you in whatever way is best for them. We know that this is a very difficult and emotional time for you but please know that you've been in our thoughts with every line written and your presence will always remain with us and your child. We would love the opportunity to meet with you about adopting your child, but whatever decision you make we pray that God would give you wisdom and peace about the family you choose. We believe that your decision will not only be a blessing to that family and your child, but also a blessing to you.

"Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul." Psalm 143:8

What Jeremy Loves about Marla......

When I first laid eyes on Marla, I had to know more. She was so pretty and had such a unique, quiet disposition. I knew there was a depth to her beyond just physical beauty and I wanted to take as much time as needed to discover everything about her.

I'm thrilled that it will take a lifetime to discover everything there is to know!

She is such a loving and supportive companion.

I love sharing my day with her, discussing thoughts about our day, life’s challenges and sharing our joys. She's a great wife, mother and friend to everyone in her circle. She is the type of friend who takes the time to really listen to you, and understand you.

Marla also works so hard to make our family work and is such an incredible mother.

She is dedicated to raising and training our son Elisha to be a person of high character. Choosing to stay home with Elisha was the best decision we could have made because there is no better teacher or caregiver he could have. She goes out of her way to make sure he gets to experience cultural and educational activities around town and to spend time with his friends.

I admire Jeremy’s good humor and optimism that helps him to stay on the positive side through the ups and downs of life. I’m thankful for the times that he has hung onto hope when I wasn’t strong enough to do so.

As a father, Jeremy strives to make lasting memories with Elisha.

Whether they are riding roller coasters, camping or flying paper airplanes the two of them have a great time together. Jeremy encourages Elisha’s interests and takes part in them with him.

I’m grateful that our son has a dad who enthusiastically provides him access and exposure to the things that matter to him.

There was a natural and comfortable trust and affection between Jeremy and I that grew out of our years of friendship.

We were and still are a couple that often thinks the other person’s thoughts. During our courtship years we were pretty inseparable and spent a great deal of time together. We became the world to each other

The insight that comes with growing older, seeing one another change in our interests and ideas as well as having shared happy and painful times together have all helped me to enjoy and love Jeremy more now than ever. With all the ups and downs through the years our love has stayed true and made better people of us to one another.

Since parenthood our free time as a couple is often limited, but we do love quiet evenings together after Elisha is asleep to talk or enjoy a show or movie, usually spent with a bowl of ice cream.

When we do get a date night out together, we enjoy a nice dinner and taking a walk in the park. We love these uninterrupted moments together to talk and share our hearts with each other, and enjoy the scenery around us.

What Marla Admires Most About Her Husband......

We believe that adoption is a godly calling that can bless so many peoples’ lives in so many ways.

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