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MeetJason and Sarah

We applaud your courage. The choice to carry out your pregnancy and make decisions about this new child is a big deal and very brave.

By choosing life, you are partnering with a support team whether that means parenting yourself or an adoptive family. Every family needs support! Whichever you choose, you are a parent.

We often pray for wisdom for expectant parents as they wrestle with parenting, adoption, and all that goes with those choices. That means we are praying for you and want to support you.

adoptive mom with a pretty Easter bonnet with her husband and daughter on the front porch

Meet Sarah!

I love Sarah!

She is from Michigan and is an amazing teacher. She teaches chemistry, is a great chef, has the best time learning piano, loves to go on walks with me, is kind to everyone she meets and blesses all the children at church with smiles and hugs.

I love watching Sarah as a mom! She is so creative, involved, and an excellent teacher. She is patient, a great listener, and has the ability to to make even the daily weather exciting.

As a father, I can't imagine a better mom for our family!

~from Jason

Meet Jason!

Jason grew up in California and is the youngest of three boys. He takes good care of me, is a terrific supervisor at work, and loves God with all his heart.

Jason likes to ride bikes, spend time with his family, play games, and cook.

My husband is an amazing dad! He gets right down on the floor to play with our daughter. He can be silly, have a tea party, get his hair done, play dress up, play catch, chalk the driveway, read books, and more!

As a mother, Jason is the best dad I could ask for!

~from Sarah

adoptive dad is wearing glasses and has a big excited expression on his face
adoptive dad, adoptive mom and adopted young daughter are wearing birthday hats and smiling

As a family, we love playing games!
Listening to Stand Up Comedy!
Long talks about God and life.
The bottom line is we like being together. We like learning how the other person thinks, doing what they like to do, and challenging one another to grow.

Our Wish For You

We pray and hope for you today.

For rest, wisdom, and a way

To know that whatever your child's future may be

Perhaps we will all share a family tree.

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Adoptive Mom and Adoptive Dad, Jason and Sarah, with their adopted daughter making silly fun faces, ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

We applaud your courage. Please contact SOFA to take the next step.

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