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MeetJason and Julie

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We met almost 8 years ago, after our moms (who were friends), played matchmaker and suggested their single kids become Facebook friends! Long story short, our first talk lasted 31/2 hours...  and our first date was the very next day!  We've now been married for 6 years.  

We love each other more than anything, and we make sure that our house is full of love, happiness and laughter!  We can't wait to share that love with our child.

hopeful adoptive parents jason and julie standing in a zoom petting a baby bear

Jason Talks About Julie......

Julie is an amazing woman! She is always willing to help others. That selflessness and love is what attracted me to her! She also has an adventurous part of her, where taking a trip to see something new excites her, even if it just something like going to see a waterfall somewhere. 

Julie is going to be an amazing mother. She learned from the best, my mother-in-law!  Julie's mom sadly passed away before she could meet her grandchild. She was a very open person and welcomed everyone. She didn't see colors or races, she only saw people and raised Julie to be that way too. 

My father-in-law lives next door to us and we're blessed to be able to see him everyday. Whether it be to talk about the day or pass a meal or dessert back and forth, it is wonderful to be that close to him! 

My wife is a family-oriented woman with a big heart! 

On that first date, Jason pulled up pictures on his phone of his friends and his family. We sat and looked through all of them, and I could see the love he has for every special person in his life! His face lit up when he talked about his nephews and all of the places he has taken.  I knew at that moment that not only did his love for his family mirror mine, but we were going to be together for a long time! 

Jason is such a caring man, always thinking of little things to do to make me happy. He is so much fun to be around! He's always full of jokes and puns, and I'd like to say he's a dork, but he's my dork! LOL

I can't imagine going through life without him. He is going to be a wonderful daddy some day and I can't wait to see him with our child, taking them on trips, reading with them, going for bike rides, or just holding them when they need him! 

Julie Talks About Jason....

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hopeful adoptive parents jason and julie at a wedding in ohio all dressed up

You are in our prayers

Thank you for reading about us and for considering adoption for your baby. It is truly a selfless and loving decision. Please know that we would be honored to get to know you. 

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