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Providing Support

for Birth Parents After Adoption

Providing Support for Birth Parents After Adoption

Serving Birth Parents Always

This is a single mom who gave birth and choose adoption for her baby

SOFA serves Birth Parents always, no matter how long it's been or if someone other than SOFA assisted you with the adoption of your child.  


SOFA's goal is to equip Birth Parents with tools to thrive and to sustain healthy connections with their children's adoptive families.  


Your deductible donation will help us to ensure that Birth Parents always know SOFA is here for them, providing hope and opportunities to process thoughts and feelings through one on one and group support after adoption, while grieving and beyond. 


With continued support, many Birth Parents choose to maintain some level of contact with their children's families. They tell us that they enjoy staying connected over the years and watching their children grow.  


Spirit of Faith Adoptions is a non-profit, registered 501C3 adoption agency in Ohio.

Funding Is Needed for Fireweed 2022

The 3rd Annual Christ-Centered Fireweed Retreat for Birth Mothers will take place on September 23-25th, 2022 in Vermilion, Ohio

Counting the Days To Fireweed!

young woman who chose adoption for her baby

"If you were adopted, you need to know they (Birth Parents) did it for the best and because they love you!" ~SOFA adoptee

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