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Scott and Jodi are ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

MeetScott and Jodi

We Love and Respect You

The truth is this, we cannot imagine what you are going through, and we will not patronize you by acting as if we could. We are overwhelmingly humbled to have the opportunity to be a father and mother to your child. Our greatest hope is to raise your child in a way that supports their dreams and passions, that allows them to know they are loved and that we are in their corner no matter what. 


We feel excited about the opportunity of getting to know you but want to be respectful of your comfort level. We believe in communicating, please feel free to share your expectations with us. 


There are many emotions that we both feel which are pretty common no matter how a family grows. Excited, nervous, and hopeful to name a few. We know that God has clearly called us to adoption and because of that we both have a deep peace about the future.

Scott and Jodi smiling together after riding their bikes.  They are hopeful adoptive parents through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Our Story

Honestly, we met on a "blind date" set up by mutual friends. Jodi had no idea that she was going on a date with such a dashing fellow haha. I saw her when I arrived and I knew, I just knew something about her was precious and remarkable. It wasn't until later that I realized my first instinct was correct. Jodi is incredible, she is complex yet simple, high class but humble, she is everything that I could want and more than I could imagine.


I knew my husband was the one when he was the first person I wanted to talk to when something good or bad happened in my day. We spent hours talking, laughing, and getting to know each other via long distance which allowed for us to really ask the tough hard questions without any pressure.


We nurture our relationship by working at it and investing in it. We spend quality time together, communicate about everything, encourage, and pray for each other every day.   We are best friends.  We want the other to succeed, to be a listening ear when needed or use humor to keep perspective at times.  Our dreams for the future are to grow our family through adoption. We really want to be able to go see things we've never seen, and travel to places we've never been to as a family. 


As a couple our faith in God is at the center of our marriage. Faith to us is believing in something that we cannot see and having confidence that God is in total control. Our faith is not only what brought us together but what has kept us together. God has guided and provided for us in so many areas of our life including multiple ways that led to us to be partnered with SOFA.  

hopeful adoptive parents Scott and Jodi, smiling together

Meet Jodi

There is not enough space here to tell you all the things I love about my wife. She can calm me when I'm mad and yet she can get me excited to do yard work. She is a force to be reckon with at work, yet she can come home and turn it all off like a switch. She has sat in a hospital room with me and never acted like it was a hinderance, she is just there for me 24/7.


Hi, I’m Jodi: I relax by floating in the pool or reading a book on the patio. The backyard is my happy place in the summer. I recently potted indoor plants and I love to watch them grow and the flowers outside bloom.  I enjoy riding my peloton, it is a great form of exercise but also the encouragement of the instructors gets me pumped up and ready to take on my day!

Favorite TV show: Downton Abbey, Movie: foster the family, Vacation spot: Punta Cana, Color: pink, Food: Chocolate, Animal: Bulldog, Hobby: reading a book, Holiday: Thanksgiving

Scott and Jodi are hopeful adoptive parents in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Meet Scott

My husband, Scott is kind, he has never raised his voice to me. He is thoughtful, he remembers the smallest things I say and will surprise me. He is generous, he would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. He is loyal, if you are a friend of his you will be a friend for life. He is funny, he brings humor to every situation. He is even tempered, even when it might be easy to get worked up he keeps his cool. He is a great listener, except when his football team is on! He is spontaneous and my very best friend.

Hi, I’m Scott: I absolutely enjoy reading non-fiction historical books. I enjoy riding motorcycles in my free time because it's a chance to get away from cell phones, outside distractions and to just enjoy the wind in my face.  I believe that if one looks hard enough you can find humor in every situation. A good laugh warms the heart and I rely on that as part of my personality.

Favorite TV show: Ted Lasso, Movie character:Tommy Callahan   Vacation spot: Norris Lake Color: Red, Food: Pizza,  Animal: my bulldogs, Hobby: Riding my bike, Holiday: Easter

Adoption Is An Important Part of Our Family

Scott and Jodi standing outside of their house are ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Scott's father was adopted and just recently after doing a DNA test he was able to find some of his biological relatives.  While his birth parents and siblings had passed away, he was able to connect with extended family and was grateful to hear stories and find out some of his history and it brought and a sense of joy and fulfillment. 


We feel a deep admiration and respect for you. You are choosing life for your child and making the best decision you can for them. We want you to know that we will tell your child of what a brave decision you made in choosing adoption. 


We are not able to have biological children and so we want you to know that we will give your child every opportunity that we can to excel in life.  They will be surrounded by love, supported with care and compassion, encouraged to be their very best self and we will be proud of the person they will become and the story that brought them to us. 


Part of our beautiful story is that we will be a family because of adoption.  We want to share their adoption story with them from the beginning at an age of understanding.  We will make this a common dialog in our home praising you for your decision to choose us.  We will do our best to communicate how much love and sacrifice it took for you to make this decision. 


We are praying for you

Scott & Jodi

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Adoptive Mom and Adoptive Dad, Scott and Jodi ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

We feel a deep admiration and respect for you. You are choosing life for your child and making the best decision you can for them.

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