Scott and Jodi are ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

MeetScott and Jodi


We cannot imagine what you are going through but you are so brave and selfless for considering all your options. We are humbled to have the opportunity to be chosen by you.  Our greatest hope is to raise your child in a way that supports their dreams and passions, that allows them to know they are loved and that we are in their corner no matter what.

Scott and Jodi smiling together after riding their bikes.  They are hopeful adoptive parents through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Our Story

We met on a "blind date" set up by mutual friends 10 years ago. God’s plan is always perfect. We are opposite in many ways but aligned on the areas in life that matter most.  We never thought that a married couple could be truly best friends but here we are.


As a couple our faith in God is at the center of our marriage. Our faith is not only what brought us together but what has kept us together. God has guided and provided for us in so many areas of our life including multiple ways that led to us to be partnered with SOFA.

hopeful adoptive parents Scott and Jodi, smiling together

Meet Jodi

Meet My Wife: 

There is not enough space here to tell you all the things I love about my wife. She can calm me when I'm frustrated and yet she can get me excited to do yard work. She is a force to be reckoned with at work, yet she can come home and turn it all off like a switch. She has sat in a hospital room with me (I am a transplant recipient) and never acted like it was a hinderance, she is just there for me 24/7.


Scott and Jodi are hopeful adoptive parents in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Meet Scott

Meet My Husband:

Scott is the spontaneous life of the party! He would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. If you are a friend of his you will be a friend for life. He brings humor to every situation. He is even tempered, even when it might be easy to get upset.  He is a great listener, except when his football team is on! 

We Admire and Respect Your Decisions

Scott and Jodi standing outside of their house are ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

We feel a deep admiration and respect for you. We want you to know that if you choose us, we will tell your child of what a brave decision you made in choosing adoption. 

We want you to know that we will give your child every opportunity that we can to excel in life.  They will be surrounded by love, supported with care and compassion, encouraged to be their very best self and we will be proud of the person they become and the story that brought them to us. 


We are praying for you

Scott & Jodi

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Adoptive Mom and Adoptive Dad, Scott and Jodi ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

We feel a deep admiration and respect for you. You are choosing life for your child and making the best decision you can for them.

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