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Paul and Connie are hopeful adoptive parents through Spirit of Faith Adoptions in Ohio

MeetPaul and Connie

Our Story

We are Paul and Connie.  We can only imagine how you might be feeling right now.  We respect and honor our daughter, Anne's biological family, and it is important to us to stay connected with them so that our daughter will always know them.  


She loves hearing her adoption story over and over again, and we love telling her everything we know!


To us, open adoption has been a huge blessing.  We pray that as you are choosing parents for your child, that you would feel comforted knowing you are important and cared about.  


We would love to meet you and get to know you. 


Meet Anne

Anne was born in 2015. She is a joyful, active and funny child. She loves to read and do math.  Running, biking, swinging, swimming, and playing outside are some of the things you will find Anne doing.  She is an outgoing and loving child who is so excited to become a big sister!


Adoption has been a positive part of our lives!  We love every single minute of parenting Anne, and we would love to share our love, our home, and our heart with another child.  


Anne was adopted by Paul and Connie at Spirit of Faith Adoptions in Ohio

Meet Connie (written by Paul)

I saw Connie on a Catholic website, and I started the conversation. I am happy to share my life with such a caring, strong Catholic woman! She is incredibly supportive of my personal and professional goals, and she is a very loving wife and mother. She is patient and understanding.  Family is her number 1 priority! 

Paul (written by Connie)

When I met Paul, I was impressed with his faith and prayer life. We soon realized that we shared many interests such as outdoor activities, mushc and art.  Paul is a good, loving father and husband!  I am so blessed to have a husband that has invested so much valuable time and attention into his relationship with our daughter. 

A Little More About Our Family

We like to make special traditions such as fall apple picking, celebrating Thanksgiving with our extended family members, enjoying aviation, creating Christmas memories, making gingerbread houses, taking trips throughout the US, bike riding, visiting the zoo, and going on a maple syrup farm wagon tour every March! 

Paul and his daughter, Anne opening Christmas gifts
Paul, Connie and Anne, excited and ready to adopt in Ohio

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Adoptive Mom and Adoptive Dad, Paul and Connie, ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Take care of yourself and remember that we will be praying for you.  Please contact SOFA to take the next step.

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