Seth and Brandy are approved and ready to adopt in Ohio Spirit of Faith Adoptions

MeetSeth and Brandy

We can't imagine what you are feeling, or what your journey has been like up until this point, but we are so thankful for your strength in choosing life and considering adoption.  We feel so blessed that we may be able to get to know you and go through this journey with you. We want to learn about your hopes and dreams for your child. 

We feel so grateful for our children's biological moms. They are amazing women! Open adoption has meant so much to us! Being able to stay connected to our children's birth families through email and visits has brought our family a lot of peace and joy. It allows us to fully answer our children's questions about who they are and where they come from. We hope all of our children will have the benefit of open adoption. 

It is very important to us that your child grows up knowing their adoption story. Each child's story is different and you are a huge part of that story. They will always know they are adopted and our hope is that they will be able to know you and their birth family. 

We are very excited to have an interacial family.  We hope that Kylan and your child can be a support to each other as they grow up with parents who are a different race. 


Meet Brandy

My first love and priority is my family. I love to read. My idea of a relaxing night is curling up by the fireplace and reading a good fiction book. I also love to cook, and I try to cook something homemade for dinner almost every night.

I genuinely care about people and about living a happy healthy lifestyle. That is why I became a nurse. And, I have a soft spot for animals. I love spending time with my pets. 

From Seth, "Brandy is a great momma! She loves reading to Kylan and Harper and pointing at the pictures with such excitement. Brandy is the most patient person I know. She loves being a mom, and she is good at it too! She also loves to think of ways to make people feel welcome and loved. Loving people is what Brandy does best!"  

Meet Seth

My favorite thing to do is laugh. I love getting our kids to laugh too! Their laughs are so joyful. Since Kylan was born, I have developed a passion for learning and teaching about Black History. I'm very involved with a diverse group at church. I also love being outside. I'm pretty active and look forward to playing basketball or soccer with our kids as they get older!

From Brandy, "Seth is an incredible dad, and the best partner in parenting I could ask for! He changes diapers, suctions noses, trims nails and has had many sleepless nights on account of our two little ones. He is such a goof ball! For as energetic and silly as Seth is, he is also kind, gentle and loving."

Seth and Brandy's children, Kylan and Harper

Meet Our Children

Kylan is a very active 5 year old! He loves to be outside, play soccer, ride his bike, and throw rocks into the creek. He is and will continue to be a great big brother! 

We have an open adoption with his birth family. We visit them a few times a year. We send lots of photos and videos as he grows.  We and Kylan's birth mom both feel it is important that Kylan has a relationship with his birth sisters, so we try and nurture that relationship by keeping in contact. 

Harper is a sweet little 11/2 year old girl. She spends most of her time smiling, laughing and chasing after her big brother. Harper is also adopted. Her birth mom is Seth's half sister. We are very close to her birth family and see them often. We believe Harper's birth mom chose an adoption plan because of the love and beauty she saw in our adoption of Kylan. 

Seth and Brandy and their children enjoying a funny moment together

A little about us....

We met 18 years ago and have been married for 12 wonderful years! Seth works as an accountant and Brandy is a part-time nurse, which enables her to be at home with our children on the days she isn't working.

We love spending time as a family, whether it's relaxing at home or traveling to someplace new. We enjoy being outside no matter what! We live close to Lake Erie, so we love spending time at the beach, even in the cooler weather. 

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