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Dan and Candi are adoptive parents, pictured with their adopted daughter, and they are ready to adopt again in Ohio

MeetDan and Candi

Hi, We're Dan and Candi. We've been married since 2011.  We feel so blessed to have become parents to our daughter, Emily through adoption. Her birth mom wanted the best for her. Getting the opportunity to get to know one another through adoption has been such a blessing. Our daughter's birth mom was so selfless and only concerned for the well-being of all of her children. She is parenting two children and chose to place Emily with us. It has been so important to her to make sure that all of her children were succeeding or would be set up to succeed. We love and admire her.  And we look forward to getting to know you too.  Adoption is a blessing that brings people together. 
Dan is an outgoing guy who has never met a stranger! He loves nature and spending time outside. Some of his favorite things to do are going for hikes, spending time on the family farm, and sitting around a campfire. "Becoming a father has been one of the greatest thrills of my life!"
Candi enjoys reading, sewing and cooking. She also enjoys spending time outside, hiking, fishing and camping and just being outside. "Becoming a mother has brought such joy and happiness to my life!"
We love any chance to get to leave the house and go explore, whether it's a park or a zoo or campground, or our family farm, we just love being together outside!
Emily was adopted in Ohio as a baby through Spirit of Faith Adoptions. She and her mom, Candi are sledding and giggling.

Meet Emily

After meeting Emily's birth mom, we noticed how quick-witted she is and how strong of a person she is as well as full of humor. Emily has received those traits as well, we believe! We were blessed with the opportunity to be in the delivery room when Emily was born and to be able to experience that made it real from the moment we saw her come into the world! We were very excited to become parents. She is special and unique in so many wonderful ways. Our hearts are full of love for Emily, and for her biological family. 
Dan and Candi are hopeful adoptive parents through Spirit of Faith Adoptions in Ohio.

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Adoptive Mom and Adoptive Dad, smiling at their wedding, ready to adopt in Ohio through Spirit of Faith Adoptions

Adoption is a blessing that brings people together.  We look forward to getting to know you, and we wish you peace as you decide what is going to be best for you and your child. 

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