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Christa Leaves A Legacy

Eighteen years ago, Jennifer Mae placed her child with the support of Christa Thomas and Phillip Wurster.  "I had such an empathetic experience to help me process those emotions and journey through my choice of placing for adoption. It was a really awesome experience! A few years later, I remember thinking how cool that was, what Christa did for me. I would love to give that same empathy and kindness to women in similar shoes to mine. I felt God calling me to publish my grace-filled story and that's where Fireweed, the book and Fireweed, the retreat came from........" ~Jennifer Mae  

Jennifer Mae joined the staff at Spirit of Faith Adoptions in 2017. She and Christa worked together, sharing her personal testimony with captive audiences. Jennifer Mae now continues on this mission, providing support to expectant parents while pregnant and to birth parents after placing, just like she received from Christa throughout their journey together.


Jennifer Mae is a birth mom who provides adoption services with grace and compassion at Spirit of Faith Adoptions in Ohio

"We value every expectant parent. As a matter of fact, we want to hear what you want and we will walk with you through this adoption process. Just because you contact us and ask for information, we know that doesn't mean that adoption is your ultimate decision. We will work with you and try to help you decide what is the best for you and your child. If you choose adoption, we will be with you every step of the way and afterward." ~Christa Thomas, Director of Birth Parent Services at Spirit of Faith Adoptions (retired)

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Jennifer Mae's Published Journey of Adoption,

Proceeds from Jennifer Mae's Fireweed Book go to fund Fireweed Retreats

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"Fireweed is a beautiful pinkish-purple flower that takes root in the ashes after a forest fire. If it weren't for the ashes, there would be no exquisite fuchsia beauty. Likewise, if it weren't for my unplanned pregnancy at sixteen and the placement of my child for adoption, my very own Fireweed would not have taken root.

In order to flourish I had to suffer the flames. This is the memoir of my fire and ash and this is God’s story of redemption and beauty." ~ Jennifer Mae

Christa was one of the three original founders of Spirit of Faith Adoptions, along with Phillip Wurster, Director, and Stacy Knox, Program Director. Christa was instrumental in establishing how SOFA educates and supports expectant parents when the most important decisions are being made about parenting or choosing adoption.

Christa is now a grandmother to a precious little girl, and she has since retired from Spirit of Faith Adoptions. 

Our sincerest gratitude to you, Christa for your heart for showing grace, kindness and compassion always!  Most sincerely, the entire SOFA staff, past, present and future

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