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SOFA is an Ohio Licensed Training Provider

  • All Ohio Licensed Foster Parents Welcome to Attend

  • Adoptive Parents, Social Workers, Counselors, & Volunteers also Welcome! 

  • CEU Provider for the Ohio Social Worker and Counselor Board, # RCS111501

  • Eligible for Training Stipends for Foster Parents 

Upcoming 2022 Training Dates

Growing A Connected Family

"Growing A Connected Family" is a 4 part training series for Ohio licensed foster and adoptive families. The focus is on building relationships to foster healing and to help foster and adoptive families thrive.  

It is very common for biological parents to have experienced some form of trauma while pregnant and/or during other times in their lives. In this series, parents will learn the foundations of trauma, and the impact trauma can have on relationships. 

Foster and adoptive parents can be pivotal in the hope and healing their children and their children's biological parents experience, establishing healthy familial roles and boundaries within the family, and strategies for the family to thrive long-term. 

NiCole Thomas is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor in the State of Ohio, and her area of specialization is trauma recovery. For 17 years, she has supported many foster and adoptive families and birth families, in learning fundamentals and strategies to connect with their children and improve familial connections to support and sustain healthy relationships. 

Connection begins with the biological family and can be shaped and impacted through the entire adoption process with consistent, loving, child-rearing from the adoptive family. 

Live Ohio Foster Parent Training Hours Available as well as CEUs for Ohio Licensed Counselors, Social Workers and Adoption Assessors.

Attendance at all 4 live training sessions is strongly encouraged, but not required. 


This is a closeup on NiCole Thomas, LPCC-S who is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Ohio who specializing in trauma therapy for foster and adoptive families

Session #1: What Is Trauma? Understanding Trauma to Foster Whole Family Resilience

Monday, February 7, 2022
6:00-7:30pm EST

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Session #2: Healing Connections: How Adoptive and Foster Parents Can Be Pivotal in Healing and Creating a Connective Environment

Monday, March 7, 2022

6:00-7:30pm EST

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Session #3: Tools for Building Strong Connections

Monday, April 4, 2022

6:00-7:30pm EST

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Session #4: Adoptee Panel, Voices of Resilience: How Connectes Families Heal

Monday, May 2, 2022

6:00-7:30pm EST

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*Self-Directed Ohio Adoption/Foster Trainings*

book cover of smiling young black boy, Kevin Hofmann transracial adoptee

Read Kevin's Book + complete an evaluation. 

  • (6) hours self-directed Foster Parent Training credit available


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book cover of Fireweed by Jennifer Mae. She has her arms reaching for the sky and she is standing in a field of weeds

Read Jennifer Mae's Book + complete an evaluation. 

  • (6) hours self-directed Foster Parent Training credit available
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How To Establish Healthy Boundaries with Birth Parents (Pre-Recorded)

This is a candid video testimonial of Rachel, an Adoptive Mom with Erika, Her Son's Birth Mom. They talk about the ups and downs of openness, boundaries and how their relationship has grown over time.

This is an adoptive mom and a birth mom smiling, laughing and looking at each other.

Click to watch: Establishing Trust and Healthy Boundaries with Birth Parents  

  • (1) hour self-directed Foster Parent Training credit available
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To Receive Credit for Self-Directed Trainings:

Ohio licensed pre-adoptive foster parents will need to:

1. Read the book or watch the video.

2. Complete an evaluation.

3. Notify Ellie Hartford that you completed the training.

4. Ohio licensed foster parents will receive a training stipend and certificate of completion for each hour of coursework completed. 

5. Questions: ellie@spiritoffaithadoptions.org 

*Please note that 6 of your 24 training hours in each renewal period (2 yrs.) are permitted to be self-directed/without a live trainer present.* 


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