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Fireweed is a beautiful pinkish-purple flower that takes root after a forest fire. It’s after this devastation that Fireweed blooms. If it weren’t for the ashes, there would be no exquisite fuchsia beauty. 

Modeled after Isaiah 61:3- God brings beauty from ashes- We believe the name Fireweed Retreat honors Birth Mother’s loss, but also glorifies our God who brings hope and beauty from ashes.  

My name is Jennifer and I am a Birth Mom; I placed my child for adoption 15 years ago through Spirit of Faith Adoptions.  Over the past 15 years, God has comforted me in my grief and loss through His peace and His people. God refined me through my unplanned pregnancy to be rooted in His will for my life, and He called me to give that very same beauty He bestowed me in my ashes to other Birth Mothers in need of His peace and His people. I am His beauty from ashes; I am His Fireweed, blooming from adversity, a display of His splendor, longing to help other women, just like me, flourish in God's great hope and healing.

The desire of my heart for Fireweed Retreat is to have speakers present to teach on self-care, safe relationships, healthy boundaries and the Enneagram. I want Birth Mothers to leave Fireweed Retreat knowing their true identity in Christ, their right to grieve their valid loss, their inherent worth in Jesus and have the tools they will need to administer emotional, relational, physical, financial and mental self-care. 

Our 1st annual retreat will occur in September 2020. The upcoming months will be focused on connecting with birth mothers and encouraging them to "save the date."   We need your financial support to make this retreat happen.  Please join me and my planning team in prayer and financial giving as we embark on the mission of bringing healing and hope to women in our community and beyond.

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